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Academic Spinoffs

International Center of Research in International Management

“ Academic Spinoffs Creation: Condition and Consequences” Monitor

In the recent years, universities and research centres around the world have become increasingly interested in the direct exploitation of research results. By creating a new company through independent funding academic, community members are able to transform technical innovations developed through university research, in a commercial envirment. The concept of an academic spinoff is to develop an innovative idea identified inside a university department in an entrepreneurial environment in order to commercially exploit it. In some cases, this process can result in a stronger commercial roadmap for the idea and a better organisational structure in order to lower costs and maximise profit.

This Monitor aims to analyse the dynamics, processes, and consequences that lead to the creation of university spinoffs, first in Italy and also in other markets and to use positive foreign experiences as a reference point for developing projects domestically.

This research aims at analysing the process of university spinoffs’ creation. It will focus on the description of the organisational conditions and managerial processes which characterise the best centres of excellence around the world. The research will also explore the best way to support the spin-off creation process in Italy to generate innovation and support local economic development.