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Author: Lucia Magarini

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Has Trump’s Election affected Vietnam’s foreign policy?

After Trump’s election, America’s policy became isolationist and protectionist. In this context, Vietnam should review its foreign policy.  Trump’s elections have led to great changes. Vietnam should continue with the development of its external policy, through diversification and multilateralization. It is eventually more essential for Hanoi to boost the ties with important partners and to […]

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Vietnam struggling with ageing population

Vietnamese population is ageing quickly. What’s the solution to combat this problem? There are two possibilities: to loosen the two-child policy or to increase the retirement age. The improvement of labor productivity could be a possibility to combat an elderly society. Many other solutions to these problems will be examined in the article such as […]

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Vietnam: Aiming high despite challenges

After the introduction of the Doi Moi Policy, based on the renewal and renovation of  the country, Vietnam started a process directed through an economic development. Despite a series of problems, Vietnam is still characterized by an important growth that allows the country to aim high. Please click here to read the article

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The Resurgence of China-Vietnam ties

China and Vietnam are getting closer. Both countries have strategic importance and are ready to build strong relations based on common interests on the South China Sea. They should avoid the disputes and prevent “uncomfortable” issues. The future is still uncertain but they are trying to move forward.   Please read the article

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