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The Programme

China Business Management (CBM) is a higher education programme delivered jointly by the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) and Fondazione Italia Cina. CBM is an innovative programme designed for Italian and International candidates. It consists of three-month full immersion programme and a three-month of paid internship promoted by Università Cattolica and Fondazione Italia Cina at one of the partner companies. (The internship may be extended for three additional months). The CBM Programme is intended to help participants building skills on business management in China and with China. Participants will also gain understanding in the Chinese Management Style in order to facilitate Chinese companies based in the Western World.

Since China plays a leading role in global business, several managers have been looking for the Chinese dream, but to succeed in this area a deep understanding of Chinese economy and business practices is an essential requirement. The CBM programme’s objective is to prepare new professionals and experts with cross-cultural management skills and awareness of the Chinese history, geopolitics and economics. 

The CBM Programme trains students in four main subject areas: Economy and society, Law, Management, Doing business in China and with China.


This programme provides participants with first-hand access to professional expertise to prepare them for an international business world, where China importance continues to increase. Several practical work activities are offered with the aim to turn academic experience and theoretical knowledge into a professional, dynamic experience.

The CBM programme is both theoretical and practical. It provides advanced preparation in order to understand the economic structure of China, and in addition to interactive lessons inside the classroom, it offers field works activities focused on giving students chances to practice in an actual working environment.