Accessing fast growing markets

Accessing Fast Growing MarketsMonitor

Globalization remains a highly debated issue, not only regarding its effects on economic growth and welfare, but also – and more fundamentally – with respect to the appropriate way of operationalizing such a multi-faceted and seemingly all-encompassing concept. European SMEs are a particularly interesting case with respect to globalization. EU countries have welcomed a large number of foreign firms and nurtured their own multinational enterprises, and are presently among the largest outward investor worldwide, as well as the largest recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI). The research monitor recognizes the fact that new international competition and the current economic outlook are forcing firms, and in particular European SMEs, to design new way of accessing international markets than those traditionally operated in. The aim of the European SMEs Internationalization Monitor is to identify the peculiarities of some of the most popular internationalization markets (in Fast Growing Areas – BRIC) which are forcing firms to innovate their strategic behaviour when entering and operating successfully these markets.

This is a permanent Monitor charged with analysing the competitive dynamics and strategic, organisational and financial peculiarities of international markets and emerging markets. It is focused on SMEs interested in entering new markets, who need to revise their strategies and align them to the structural characteristics of new markets in order to compete effectively. The Monitor offers the SMEs the possibility to share experiences in a multi-sector environment, face and discuss relevant issues related to their internationalization strategies, and to be supported and guided in their choices.

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