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“Digitalisation adds a new dynamic for entrepreneurs. Never before has the symbiosis of technology and entrepreneurship been so perfect. This forces Entrepreneurs to combine technological competence with strategic thinking.“ Prof. Dr. h.c. Manfred Broy (President and founder of the Zentrum Digitalisierung Bayern).

Rationale and background

Digitalization is today one of the main topics in the scientific and public debate. Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Made in China 2025 are plans presented across the world to clearly mark the direction of industrial policy in several countries and economic areas and oblige companies to deal with digital technologies.

No sector is safe. Rapidly changing technologies, dwindling resources and increasingly fierce global competition are combining to disrupt entire industries.

On the other hand, the adoption and use of digital technologies positively affect enterprises’ exporting behaviour.

At ICRIM we don’t just theorise about innovation and entrepreneurship –we offer cutting edge topics and applied science in a highly dynamic city.


In this Winter School, we are showing how digital technology transforms business models, affects operations design, increases the firms’ capabilities improving their competitive performances, boosts new business creation.

Companies like Netflix, Amazon, Uber and Airbnb have completely altered their industry segments. Other start-ups are disrupting old business models and show the world the rules of business have changed.

Consolidated companies both in manufacturing and service industries are working out strategies to ensure that they are able to compete in the market with new sales channels, new products and services with improved quality and higher speed of implementation. The implementation of the new business models is only possible by the parallel adaptation of the business processes. The basis for the above changes in the business model and processes are digital innovations such as mobile devices, IOT or cloud technologies. Leaders of companies need digital competences as key qualification for the economy to enhance the entrepreneurial culture of existing and new companies.

Course Overview

This intensive 5 day programme will help participants plan and build a Digital Transformation Strategy that can be taken away and implemented. The programme gives access to world class expertise and best practice techniques to allow participants to build a successful Digital Transformation Strategy that can be implemented in the real-world, along with the knowledge and skills to avoid the common pitfalls experienced when going through a digital transformation.

Teaching methodological approach

To discuss those topics the Winter School brings together

  • a Faculty of internationally recognized scholars from different backgrounds (e.g., management, entrepreneurship, digital engineering)
  • industry experts, entrepreneurs, equity investors

and offers an inter-disciplinary approach as well as a strong managerial expertise.

Participants will also learn from practical case studies of successful digital transformations and entrepreneurship.


Graduates and professionals with a strong interest in the field of Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship, who are also keen to learn about digitisation, no programming skills are needed.

The Winter School is focused on:

  • students (BA, MA, PhD) coming from different areas, but interested in digital technology, disruptive innovation and entrepreneurship research as a growing multidisciplinary field within academia;
  • professionals and managers wishing to discuss digital technology driven innovation
  • entrepreneurs interested in discussing their business creation projects and exploring opportunities to raise financial resources.

Benefits for individuals

  • Develop a robust understanding of digital transformation
  • Learn from both the latest academic thinking and practical business examples
  • Build a comprehensive knowledge of the key challenges that can help/hinder a successful digital transformation
  • Develop a strategy that you can take away and implement
  • Stress tested your strategy or new business venture with industry experts

Benefits for your organisation

  • A robust digital transformation strategy
  • Ability to cascade knowledge within the organisation
  • Reduce risk due to internal capability and learning from experience of other organisations
  • World class academic knowledge and industry expertise to help build the transformation strategy
  • Capability to adapt and thrive in a fast changing business environment.



Institutional Partner

Jan. the 13th. 2020.

Jan. 13-17, 2020.

Republic of San Marino.

Main Strategic Partner


Business Partners & Sponsors

ABB, Leonardo, Microsoft, iGenius, Movendo Technologies e Trenit!


Tuition Fees

Our tuition fee is € 950.00 (VAT included) for the course.
The fee covers

  • – welcome activities and courses;
  • – access to the web platform where all the files and course contents will be available;
  • – the use of infrastructure and materials for the study.

It also includes:

  • Welcome kit
  • Teaching material
  • Lunchtime meals and Coffee breaks (Mon. to Fri.)
  • One Team Building Dinner
  • UCSC Certification.

Individuals who complete the multi-hour courses will receive a statement
of completion certificate from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.
* Participants will also have the opportunity to benefit from a special overni­ght rate at three selected hotels (medium and upper range) located at walking distance to the University Campus.
The fee does not cover transportation to Milan**, hotel room and meals (except for scheduled events).
**The programme partner AirFrance-KLM offers discounted flights fares to enrol­led participants. Ask ICRIM for further details.

Inquiries on the programme:
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Tel. +39 02.7234.3046/3089
Fax +39 02.7234.2300

Inquiries on the enrollment procedures:
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
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