Offshoring vs reshoring

In the last years companies are increasingly wondering about which is the best solution in terms of production location.

The need to relocate in order to produce with low production costs, achieving a competitive advantage at the same time, is now more and more compensated by the company need to carry out a choice of reshoring, having in this way advantages in other fields. An example is provided by Calzedonia spa, in particular speaking about the Falconeri brand. In the past, the President Veronesi opted for offshoring, since most products were addressed to market segments that typically require low production costs. However regarding Falconeri, the group premium brand, Veronesi opted for backshoring, as the concept of Made in Italy was of utmost importance for the product image.

Given the topic relevance and my interest on the Calzedonia group, I would like to expand my analysis to other brands of this group. As a matter of fact basing on official data and information deriving from the company, my goal is to understand which can be the results connected to the different strategic choices particularly as for the production location.

Mattia Stefano Piemontese
Matricola 4604873