Innovation, Digital Technology Entrepreneurship and Advanced Internationalization IDEA is a higher education programme delivered jointly by the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) and Accenture Italia. IDEA is an innovative programme designed for Italian and International candidates. It consists of a three-month full immersion programme with the aim of building a solid understanding of new media and digital technology applied to international industries, such as Luxury Goods, Fashion, Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail.

Participation to this project could provide the unique chance of three/six months of paid internship at Accenture Italia. The internship may be carried out at any company within IDEA business network.

Due to a rapidly changing world of innovation and digital technology affecting businesses today, future professionals need to be prepared to challenge global competition by putting innovation on top of the executive agenda. In order to give students the tools to create new business models, services and markets, the IDEA programme trains students in four main subject areas: Business startup; Digital Marketing & Social Media; User Experience & Mobile Design; Content Analytics & Data.

The remarkable collaboration of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and Accenture Italia is an additional value to both the IDEA programme and to the students’ future careers. The aim of this specialization programme is to provide participants with the strategic and analytical skills to guide organizations in a digital world that is flooded with data on customers, products, and interactions.

Participants will learn how to apply digital technologies and project management in order to enhance the competitiveness and performance of firms interested in developing digital innovation in domestic and international business.

The programme, which alternates hours of classroom attendance at UCSC and Project Work at  Accenture Customer Innovation Network (ACIN), is both theoretical and practical, but especially focused on giving students the opportunity to put the knowledge acquired into practice in a real-life work environment, and to become professionals and to enter the business world successfully.

Students will acquire management and entrepreneurial skills, which will allow them to choose among three main professional profiles:

  • Professional/consultant with high-level of digital competence, and with deep knowledge in digital marketing and project management in innovation.
  • Entrepreneur able to start and run a startup on an international scale, especially in the digital technology area.
  • Highly qualified profile able to work in national and international companies interested in introducing new innovative and technological strategies into their traditional business models.

IDEA’s objective is to give participants essential tools to create digital startups and to give them experience in how to best manage the dynamics and complexities of innovation, how to apply digital technologies and project management skills in order to enhance competitiveness and how to successfully perform in international companies which are interested in developing digital innovation business.