About the center

The International Center of Research on International Management (ICRIM) is part of a network of 35 UCSC university centers created on the Milan Campus. The ICRIM is a scientific institution established in Fall 2008 offering a meeting point for researchers from a multitude of Universities, University Departments and Research Groups throughout the world, to promote scientific research activities in international management at an international level.

ICRIM’s aims are:

to conduct, co-ordinate and promote research on International Management topics. The research activity can be carried out in collaboration with research fellows and faculty members of Universities other than UCSC and with highly qualified partners.

To carry out these activities and to disseminate the results achieved in the research, the Center shall:

  • Promote the activity of scientific research by conducting research projects;
  • Promote seminars, conferences, discussions and also International meetings;
  • Promote teaching activity;
  • Promote the publication of research.