Winter School in “Live Sport & Entertainment Events Management”

Rationale and background

Today’s sport and entertainment events welcome people of all ages and backgrounds seeking more than just their share of action on the pitch, the arena or the theatre. Crowds at the biggest sporting, musical and theatrical performances are placing increasing value in the entertainment and pleasure they offer inside and outside the venue, and businesses are quickly responding to this.

Last year in Australia, Britain and the US live entertainment sector enjoyed growing revenues coming from both live performances, such as concerts or the theatre, festivals and concerts and other parts of the live media industry, in particular sports events.

The Leisure sector attracts a range of different product industries whose mission is to provide support and opportunities for those who wish to enjoy Leisure services. These industries include, for example, technical clothing for sports activities, electronic devices for accessing the contents of various media channels, spaces designed for attending artistic performances. Iconic theaters and stadia are among the top-rated touristic attractions in most visited cities of the world. People are buying tickets to today’s events expecting to be entertained and, with this in mind, the responsibility of sports and leisure entities is evolving.

The evolution of the Leisure Economy and the transformation of live events brought new business models reflecting the changing habits of those who live in the new global society. The sector has experienced significant changes in both technology and creativity, thus it is easy to understand that these activities require new, high level and specific forms of managerial expertise.


In this Winter School, we are framing the concept of Live Sport & Entertainment Events Management as the capability to design and set up a venue and the hosted to offer the best live experience and promote sports, events, games, music, etc. After presenting the new business models showing how sport and showbiz industries are developing entertainment-driven strategies around their major events, we will discuss how live entertainment venues should be rebranded, modernize, refurbished and managed to better meet new trends of demand among the sport and performing art audience. It includes developing new relationships with business partners and increasing fans’ commitment.

This programme brings together inspiring keynotes and some of the best experts worldwide on the various topics related to Sport and Entertainment operations and marketing and counts on the valuable support of business partners.

Project Goals

The Winter school aims to share through participants logics, business model and value creation in the field of entertainment. The Course also takes in consideration the specificity of two sub industries, live show and football, in order to create awareness and first knowledge of these industries.


Our faculty are specialists in their field. They have international research reputations, consult for some of the top businesses in the world, hands-on experience in the leisure businesses and are often asked to give academic insight on a wide variety of topics.


The Winter School is dedicated to anyone (with English language proficiency) interested in the Sport and Entertainment Industries and in particular to all issues related to managing Live Events.

Participation is open to: academics, practitioners, executives and master/bachelor students from all countries of the world

Participants in the programme generally include:

  • Young professionals who are aspiring to a career in the sports-show industries
  • Career-changing professionals who want to transition Live Sport and Entertainment Management
  • Students in University Graduate and Post-graduate programmes interested in Sport & Entertainment Business topics
  • PhD Students and Researchers working on all subjects linked to Sport and Entertainment Management and in particular Show Business Venue Management
  • Sport clubs and entertainment companies’ managers interested in deepening their knowledge of the topics related to the management of the venues (i.e. stadia, theaters, arenas, etc.)
  • Companies interested in boosting their brand visibility collaborating with sport clubs or entertainment firms on sponsoring, advertising and public relationship activities related to making the most of the live show events.



Institutional Partner

Jan. the 13th. 2020.

Jan. 13-17, 2020.

Republic of San Marino.

Business Partners & Sponsors

AC Milan

Balich Worldwide Shows

Radio Italia


Stage Entertainment

Udinese Calcio

Warner Bros.


Tuition Fees

Our tuition fee is € 950.00 (VAT included) for the course.
The fee covers

  • – welcome activities and courses;
  • – access to the web platform where all the files and course contents will be available;
  • – the use of infrastructure and materials for the study.

It also includes:

  • Welcome kit
  • Teaching material
  • Lunchtime meals and Coffee breaks (Mon. to Fri.)
  • One Team Building Dinner
  • UCSC Certification.

Individuals who complete the multi-hour courses will receive a statement
of completion certificate from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.
* Participants will also have the opportunity to benefit from a special overni­ght rate at three selected hotels (medium and upper range) located at walking distance to the University Campus.
The fee does not cover transportation to Milan**, hotel room and meals (except for scheduled events).
**The programme partner AirFrance-KLM offers discounted flights fares to enrol­led participants. Ask ICRIM for further details.

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Inquiries on the enrollment procedures:
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